In Calzados New Baby S.L., manufacturers of the brand NENS, we consider that for childrens feet, one may not produce a shoe whose minimum guarantees of quality are conditioned by a low cost production. We can not compromise the development of a body part that is going to be the basis of a person's whole life. In this sense, in Calzados New Baby we have always opted for collections that gather the maximum of quality in essential elements:

* Very soft leathers that fit like gloves on the foot, but with heel stiffeners that form the heels, avoiding malformations in the future. Perfectly controlled aspects like common contaminants (heavy metals), always keeping the levels of chromium inferior of the maximum allowed
* Padded insoles for total foot comfort.
* Absence of inner seams that can cause discomfort.

 Apart from these features, we always incorporate the latest fashion trends because children also have the right to keep up to date on fashion. Tireless development and multiple samples are not always appreciated by the naked eye, but when our clients try on our shoes, the smile on their face expresses the comfort which is the goal we pursue.

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